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A Fortune 1,000 motivational speaker

Business Challenge

The client who was basically safety and health expert in the United States, wanted to send automatic emails to his subscribers by scheduling all the messages in advance. But delivering streaming video contents in an email was a real challenge. Moreover, scheduling for entire year and tracking user’s interactions in the email was also a big task.


After analyzing the challenges in this project, we decided to use CDN (Content Delivery Network) for streaming videos in the email. It was decided that scheduling and sending of video emails was to be done by using CRON jobs. We provided a very easy web interface to Administrator for importing subscribers list in the system. Also, to make the emails interesting for the users we provided email templates which can be applied to any video newsletter.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, XHTML, iPhone, CSS, XML

Results & Benefits

The application now delivers powerful video messages every week to the subscribed Managers, supervisors and staff for addressing everything from safety & health, to change effective employee training and workplace wellness. The Administrator can schedule video emails in advance for the entire year and emails can be sent automatically as per schedule. It has built-in analytics to provide insight to the Administrator like who viewed what video message and when. Super Admin can create subscription for member companies and their staff and can import company’s staff automatically.