The client is ranked as 5th most trusted mobile handset brand and 4th
largest smartphone brand in India. The company recorded more than $1
billion in revenue recently and currently produces about 1.5 million mobile
phones per month. These handsets are sold through over 900 pan-India
distributors who are directly managed and controlled by the company itself.

The Challenge

The client company has grown exponentially over the last few years. The
company was facing challenge in standardizing its internal operations to
support this growth and scaling up for the future. Considering the sheer
volume of properties flowing through the company on a daily basis, keeping
track of everyone involved in sales had become a herculean effort.
In addition, getting the right information at the right time was a big challenge
for the stakeholders. It was almost impossible to correctly track sales
representative locations, items in stock, monthly sales targets, sales incentives
etc in the company. The Sales/Marketing heads were growing impatient and
frustrated with lack of information and discrepancies in the available data.

The Solution

After reviewing offerings from various vendors, the client selected us to
develop a customized solution for tracking their stock, sales and attendance.
And after several rounds of meeting, we proposed a cloud based solution
which was capable of tracking items sold and attendance through web and
mobile application. We not only suggested real-time stock-in and stock-out
modules for reporting inventory levels correctly but also offered an offline
mode in the app to record the stock movements where there is no active
internet connection available to the user. The application was proposed to
be hosted on the cloud servers to make it available and accessible 24×7
from any location and with no downtime during peak business hours. Also,
we planned for load balancing on the servers, daily backups of the data and
dynamic application instance creation to handle traffic spikes.


Android, MySQL, jQuery, SQLite, HTML5, REST, XML, JSON, RDS, AWS

Results & Benefits

With our new cloud based solution, the Client is now able to track sales in
real-time, view attendance report, check stock levels (checked-in / checked
out) of products, validate duplicate items through IMEI numbers, calculate
sales incentive for employees, add new sales channels, generate
comprehensive reports covering all aspects of stock, sales and attendance.
The attendance can be marked via mobile app. The products can be sold
and can be checked-in through mobile app by using inbuilt barcode scanner
in the application. The mobile app also works in offline mode so that it can
be used at those locations where internet is not available. It stores all the
data in the mobile database and then automatically syncs the records to
cloud servers whenever it finds any active internet connection. The cloud
based dashboard shows all the activity, stocks, sales and reports in an
intuitive interface. Few reports are generated over night and are
automatically sent via emails to the respective department heads. The
application is able to scale itself automatically, generally during sales closing
times as there happens to be huge increase in the app usage. This cloud
based application is now used by more than 4000 users across the nation
and hence proving to be a vital software platform for the company for
managing its sales operations.