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Startup Gaming company head quartered in Germany.

Business Challenge

The Client wanted to publish a multi-player game which can be played on streets. Since mobility was the key component of the game so supporting major platforms and device resolutions was a challenge. Also the client was not sure how to track the location of the player while in the game.


We decided to build this game for both the platforms – iOS and Android so that majority of mobile devices are covered. In order to track the user location in real-time, we used Global Positioning System (GPS) which can provide accuracy to pinpoint their location within 10 feet. The mobile apps are fetching and pushing game data to remote server through web services (APIs).


iOS, iPhone, Android, RESTful APIs, XML, Web Services

Results & Benefits

The game is one of its kind multi-player location aware game for iPhone/Android devices which can be played out on city streets. It got enough attention from media and the gaming community. The game was covered in Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and was tested by players at University of Zurich during launch.