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A Facebook Game company

Business Challenge

The client wanted to build first of its kind, multi-player, multi-table card game for browsers. Since the game was new so there were no documents for the game rules and logic. Also, the plan was to display game in multiple languages and in multiple devices like iPhone/Android, after launching it for website. The game has to be very light weight so that it can be played in the browser. Though the game was not for gambling but money transactions were involved in every module.


Since the game concept was completely new so we had to start with analyzing every scenario in the game and documenting it to frame game rules. We decided to build the website game first and then porting it to other devices/platforms. As facebook game was also required so we used Flash for creating user interface of the game. Social networking capabilities have been added in order to market game easily. We developed the entire system architecture where cross platform synchronization between server side game engine and front end game application was possible.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Flex, Flash, AS3, red5, Smartfox, iPhone, Android, REST, XML, APIs

Results & Benefits

The game now combines the strategy of chess with the intensity of and attitudes of a cage fight. The players can enjoy hours of unlimited entertainment by logging into game and playing against people from all around the world. The game is fully multi-player and multiple tables can be used if there are more than 4 players. Players can post topics and comments in forums and can interact with their social friends.