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Social Network App that connects people with others around them.

Business Challenge

This popular iPhone app provides interactive platform to thousands of users who wants to Chat and meet people in their area. The client approached us at Medma in order to enhance the functionality and to improve the user interface of the app. Also, the backend platform was experiencing some difficulties in scaling itself.


We decided to improve the functionalities first and then gradually moving towards improving user interface. Not only app design but the entire User experience was improved in the process by adding heat maps, proximity search, push notifications etc. The app was released quickly numerous times after each iteration in order to collect the actual user feedbacks. We streamlined the entire backend including architecture, APIs and notification services.


PHP, MySQL, iPhone, RESTful APIs

Results & Benefits

The overall user interface of this app has been improved. User can be anonymous or can chat, share pictures or his location if he wants to meet others in his area. He can receive notifications from others even if the app is not running in his iPhone. The ability to do a proximity search in this app helps in seeing who’s online around you.