• Social Networking Mobile Application


A Startup social app company

Business Challenge

The client wanted to provide a common social networking platform to all the
users where they can share their opinions by posting their images and
articles. Inviting Twitter and Facebook friends and showing them in our
platform in a consistent manner was a challenge because Twitter API doesn’t
support directly inviting friends. Also, the app was supposed to handle high
traffic volumes and numerous uploads per minute.


We planned to build this app with user friendly interface and simple work
flow. Focus was to smooth the entire workflow for uploading different size
pictures and displaying them in a consistent manner. We opted cloud server
to manage the huge amount of traffic and data. As per client’s requirement a
complete social system was build so that people can invite friends via
Twitter/Facebook, get followers, can follow friends, send messages and
should get notications for all the activities at the website. A ranking system
was imlemented based on user’s activities in our platform.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

Results & Benefits

The entire system is manageable from a central but secure backend area.
The workflow of uploading & displaying the pictures with full infromation is
smooth and could be accessed by using even mobile devices as we have
developed HTML5 responsive design. A fully scalable and robust system is
now in place which allows multiple users to perform different actions. The
end result is a social app for the people and by the people which
encourages surprise, controversy, laughter, innovation, diversity, acceptance,
and ingenuity.