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Venture funded company in US which provides cross-platform test prep courses.

Business Challenge

The client was providing test prep courses to students via multiple iPhone apps in Appstore. They wanted to publish many more apps on different subjects but managing contents in all these apps was a challenge. Also, there was a big delay in releasing these apps due to huge development time and cost. Moreover, all these apps were not cross-platform and can only be accessible in iPhones/iPads.


Since the project was big and the requirements were complex so we started with laying out the architecture for the entire platform. Instead of creating multiple apps, we suggested a central Content Management System to client in order to manage different courses (contents) in all his apps. For this we created a new database structure and optimized their existing tables. Also, we developed a universal web version of the app which had the capability to run any app or content in the browser. We decided to develop a module for syncing users progress/scores from all devices (iPhone, iPad, web browser) to a central web database.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, iPhone, Android, CSS3, REST, XML, APIs

Results & Benefits

Now client is able to create test prep and other subject-based interactive courses which are accessible on computer, iPhone, Android and iPads. Adding and managing contents is not a problem for any app as client can do this from their central CMS. Users can access courses on their devices at anytime while on the go. Their partner publishers are able to sell prep contents to students via help of new apps which can be released easily.