• web platform for photographers


Digital Photography Company in Hong Kong

Business Challenge

The client wants to provide a common platform to the travelers and photographers where they can upload photographs from any location while travelling. The social elements like Inviting friends, following friends and sharing contents were also required. The challenge was to display the location details and the Photo meta data (like camera, compression, sample rate, color mode etc) for each photographs uploaded. 


We decided that solution has to be a web based interface so to facilitate the entire workflow for uploading photographs of any size and the user should be provided basic photo editing features like arbitrary rotation etc. Also, we planned to create a responsive design of the app so that it can be accessed in mobile devices also. It was decided that basic but important Social features has to be added in the application. Proper display of all the information of photographs including the list of likes, followers, meta data was to be added there. Google Map was to be used to display a heat map containing thumbnails of photos at each location from where they got uploaded.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, XML

Results and Benefits

The application provides an easy way to design and send picture postcards to friends. Users can follow a particular user and like/dislike the photographs as well. The entire workflow of uploading photographs and sending picture postcards is smooth and can be accessed by using even mobile devices as the design was responsive. A fully scalable and secure system is now in place where multiple users can perform different actions.