Magento is the most popular and trusted eCommerce software and platform worldwide used for empowering your magento store and for building robust eCommerce websites and applications by SMB. Magento development is the best platform that offers best solution in eCommerce Development. Irrespective of the size of your business Magento is capable of meeting your organizational objectives and goals.

Magento Development has the ability to handle simple to complex eCommerce web shop loaded with n number of product catalogs, CRM, checkout management, SEO features etc. Magento has three main advantages: it is cost-effective, it is built on open source technology, and it is easily controllable and customize the look and feel, content and functionality of your online store. Its flexible nature helps in increasing return on investment and facilitates business growth. The various Magento Extensions puts the control back in the hands of the online merchant and places no constraints on business processes and flow. Magento provides additional features of enterprise level eCommerce to businesses without this price tag.

Moreover, magento tools like robust marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management facilitates a spontaneous administration interface that gives merchants the power to customize and create their sites as per their business requirements. Magento’s this property concludes with increasing the demand for magento development in the world.

Why to Choose Magento? Following are the benefits of magento as a platform over other e-commerce platforms: 1) Open Source: The Magento platform is an open source platform. It facilitates its users and developers to access the code for Magento platform and modify it for customizing the website according to the needs and requirements. 2) Community: This platform has a large number of members, developers and programmers in its community. These members continually work on the features of Magento and discuss to get the best solution of the issues. 3) Freedom to choose Hosting Service: Magento offers a distinct advantage of freedom to choose your own hosting service as compared to other e-commerce platfoprms. 4) Integration: Magento has an extensible Application Programming Interface which allows connecting with all types of web and standalone applications available worldwide. 5) SEO Friendly: It provides the designs of the websites that are friendly as far as the Search Engine Optimization functioning of the site is concerned, thus, it helps websites using it get a better rank on search pages.

Medma Infomatix, has taken the initiative to enter into this battle field of developing Magento Extensions at a very initial stage. At Medma we have the knowledge and skills to deliver innovative Magento eCommerce solutions to provide your clientele with a compelling and seamless shopping experience. We offer support, services, and training to help ensure your success. We also offer thousands of apps and extensions to help you add custom features and functionality. We have the synergy of Magento Certified Solution Specialists with us that enable us to be the most successful magento developer company in USA.

Our network of partners and certified magento developers offer expertise and resources to help design, build, and host your store. Medma Informatix and its expert team has always tried to deliver its customers with the customized magento extensions which fulfills all their business related requirement. Our services of Magento Development at USA include:

1) Magento Customisation,

2) Speed Optimisation,

3) Extension development