OrangeHRM is the world’s most used open source human resource management software set in motion in the year 2005 with over 1000000 users all over the world. It is a resource management tool for any small or medium business or enterprise who is looking for a cost-effective tool to manage a large number of human resources tasks in a Web-based, user-friendly tool. It unique features like ability to purchase support, add-ons, customization, and even hosted services makes it suitable for any size business.

OrangeHRM is Leading Open Source HRM that offers a flexible and easy to use solution for SMB and companies free of charge. It is very easy to install and has one of the finest interfaces of all the HRM tools. It provides low cost highly functional software for maintaining business process. Associations, freelancers, large enterprises, midsize business, non-profits, public administrations, small businesses, and many more are among the users of OrangeHRM.

Features of OrangeHRM

1) Employee Information Tracking: OrangeHRM facilitates adding of employee personal information to all system modules without data redundancy.

2) Leave Management: It facilitates management of leave and other related procedures with its inbuilt possibilities such as definition of types of leave, information on leave entitlement, displaying balance and saving history that helps in avoiding paperwork and saving time to a great extent.

3) Attendance and Spent Time Tracking: This module facilitates automated time tracking, effective labor data processing, managing workforce and improving attendance policy that results in avoiding errors, reduces time spending on paperwork and manual processes.

4) Employee Self Service: This module is also helpful for reducing workload of HR officials and authorising staff to independently look over and update their data via the web.

5) Manage recruitment process: It provides useful tools for automation of recruitment process along with the possibility of integration with the company website. This software facilitates creating job vacancies, specifying pay details, etc.

6) Reports: OrangeHRM enables creation of customized reports based on wide range of search criteria which can be saved for further usage.


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