We understand the challenges faced by organizations these days due to their tight budgets and small pool of resources. Moreover, there is a strong need to efficiently manage the operations and increase the overall productivity. So, we created SoftSuite which can provide all-in-one tool to achieve everything required by organizations.

Softsuite is a software for counties, it has modules for CRM (CRM for township, CRM for municipal cities), Property management, Reminder service, Event listing, Email marketing, front end website, user management etc. It provides full control as to who can access what. You can create multiple users and then can provide them individual access to different parts of the application. Only authorized users can create or update contents.

Super Interactive
SofSuite pro-actively provides you email notifications and alerts on its dashboard so that you do not miss any important event or task. It even provides map based user interface to quickly view and edit listings.

User Friendly
SoftSuite is very intuitive and user friendly. We provide auto suggestions, multiple file uploading, accordion view wherever possible. We are even making it 508 complaint to support other users with disabilities.

Mobile Friendly
SoftSuite is modern. It is capable of being displayed properly on mobile devices like iPad and tablets. Now, you can take your office anywhere and can still be productive.

Cloud Hosted
SoftSuite is cloud app and so is hosted on cloud servers. To you it means reliability, speed, robustness and freedom to access it anytime, anywhere.

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