Robots of tomorrow that are paired with Artificial Intelligence perform complicated tasks and are capable of learning from humans and the future looks bright for robotics and AI. Lets see what are significant future advancements in Robotics and Artificial intelligence?

World’s largest economy, China, is investing efforts to fill its factories with the advance manufacturing robots. This will help the country to retain its worker’s wages as well as manufacturing becomes more efficient and advance around the world. They are planning to build Robots that are significantly cost-effective and more advance and intelligent. Within few years from now, Robots will be capable of :

  • Smart Learning: There are various promising ways and methods for enabling robot learning, and some of them are already produced and are producing very promising results around the world.
  • Sharing Knowledge: Another trend will be to share the Knowledge that the robot have acquired with other robots. This helps in accelerating the learning process, by allowing a robot to benefit from the effort of others. Even two robots can teach each other the way of how to perform a new task or recognize a particular object.
  • Personalized Robots: Several personal robot are set to be build and it will be very interesting to see how they are received. At this time, where software is becoming capable and hardware becoming cheaper, it is no hard to find or see that some believe the time to be right for robotic home companions and helpers.
  • Droning On: It seems the best times for the Drones to finally take off. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration released platform for registering drones and is also testing technology that could help to automate air traffic control for automated vehicles. You might not see the skies filled with drones immediately, but there are increasingly autonomous and smart drones that are to be tested in many industries, especially in industries where automated inspection and surveillance are useful. 

Due to advancement of technology, the future looks quite promising for robotics and AI. Some of the new factors emerging are :

  • Microbots : It allows responders to explore the environment that is too dangerous or too large for robots or the humans.
  • Body Machine interfaces : It help to feed forward control that will detect their will to move and also receive feedback that will convert digital readings to feelings.
  • Intelligent Machines : It combines Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to provide Robots human like expressions and reactions.
  • Alternately Powered Robots : It uses sources like wind, wave and solar energy to be powered and open applications in the area that are off grid.
  • Robotic Telepresence : It act as your stand in at remote locations, thereby saving both your time and money for Business Travelers.
  • Network Robotics : It allow robots to access your database, share information and also learn from each other’s experiences.